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Madinah University Consulting -  Empowering Success Through Expertise

A roadmap to expanding horizons and acquiring wisdom

10 years  experience 

We believe in making your dreams a reality by dedicating experts to give you advice, personalised assistance and a wealth of resources 

Why Enroll In Our Programs?

Expert Guidance and Support

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the application process, ensuring all necessary documents are prepared and submitted correctly. Our consultants possess in-depth knowledge of the university's admission requirements, offering personalised advice and strategies to enhance your chances of acceptance. We also offer tailored preparation for entrance exams and interviews, equipping you with the skills and confidence needed to excel.

Extensive Network and Resources

With our strong connections with several Islamic Universities within the Middle East, we have access to valuable resources and information. We can provide insights into the university's culture, faculty, programs, and opportunities. We also keep track of exclusive scholarships and funding opportunities available to students, assisting you in accessing financial aids to make your education more affordable. Additionally, we offer support in connecting you with a supportive community and alumni network.

Personalised Approach and Ongoing Assistance

We take a personalised approach to guide your academic and career development. Our consultants work closely with you to understand your goals and provide tailored guidance on program selection and academic pathways. We offer continuous support and maintain regular communication, ensuring ongoing assistance even after the application process. Furthermore, we prioritise holistic development and cultural integration, offering guidance on cultural adaptation, language learning, and integration into the university community.


About Madinah Student Life Consultancy

We aim to empower students to change the world

Madinah student life was founded in Madinah, Saudi Arabia 2020 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking consulting online agency out there. Our aim is to help all those who wish to study abroad and make their journey easy from the very first stage.   


We have first hands on experience and have worked very closely with the Islamic University of Madinah administration. We have also helped students from UK, USA, SWEEDEN, GERMANY, HOLLAND, FRANCE, SOUTH AFRICA, ITALY, NORWAY, MALDIVES, SWITZERLAND and many more, so you can be at ease that we have enough experience behind us. 


Let us help make your dreams a reality. Are you ready to set your application on the path to success? Leave us an email today and see what we can do for you.

Hamza A

"Jazak'Allah Khayr for the translation of my

Madinah Uni Documents @MadinahStudentLife, i received them very quickly please make Dua i get accepted for the University of Madinah.  Ameen."

Raphael Adjara

"I recently contacted the brother to translate a few papers for me, and I can only speak positively about him and the service he provides. I highly recommend them if you are in need of translation services. May Allah bless MSL and all of their translation endeavors."


"Jazakallahu khayran akhi, may Allah reward. Really good service. Nice and straight forward and really quick!!"


Madinah Student Life - Abdullah Ibn Khamis


This time I get interviewed in a beautiful podcast with Ustaadh AbdulWahid Stephenson has a discussion about my Journey to Madinah University and graduating from the faculty of Hadeeth, being newly married whilst in Madinah, being a Mandoob, going from IT to Graduate and so much more. 0:00 Introduction 7:15 What made you go University 9:23 Brother's Love for Knowledge 10:45 Went Egypt Aged 15 14:55 A Levels / GCSE 17:25 IT Apprenticeship 20:25 ‘I won’t go Uni because I want to be on Deen’ 26:25 Going to meetings without any provision 28:15 Application Journey 31:50 ‘THE LIST’ 33:00 Jumped on the van with joy 34:40 Married Same Year at 18 35:40 Advice to Fathers 38:00 Failed Driving Test 6 times 44:30 Nikaah & Jaamiah 47:50 First Landed in Madinah 49:38 Taxi Driver 57:40 University Experience (Ma’had) 1:01:35 Married Couple in Madinah 1:06:00 ‘Can’t get married and go Jaamiah’ 1:09:15 English Teaching from Home 1:11:50 Housewife & Student of Knowledge 1:14:00 Studying Together in the Haram 1:17:00 Free Duroos at a Sisters House 1:18:40 Places to Study Quran for Sisters 1:21:45 ‘Getting too much’ 1:25:00 You need to have a zeal to seek knowledge 1:26:00 She Graduated & Qualified 1:31:26 Birr Ul Waalidayn - Brings Khayr 1:32:30 Curriculum in Hadith 1:35:10 Tadween Al Sunnah 1:35:30 Shaykh's Teaching Style 1:44:30 Kulliyyah 1:47:20 Ilm Al Rijaal - What is it 2:26:30 Sitting with Arabic Speakers 2:28:40 Lack of Confidence 2:31:20 Plans after Graduating 2:36:50 Being Mandoob (Voluntary) 2:43:25 Madinah Student Life Channel 2:54:00 Teaching & Working Full Time 2:56:00 Leaving something for the sake of Allah 3:03:10 Final Advice to Students Check out our other social media platforms below and share to all: Instagram @abdullah_ibnkhamis Telegram: Twitter:@AbdullahibnK Tiktok: abdullahibnkhamis To find the book ''Three questions a Muslim must know'' (book) check out the Insta account: @firdous.o To help support our efforts then kindly donate to enable us to create more beneficial content that will aid the Muslims: Support the efforts of MSL via:
 There is a garden from the gardens of Paradise between my house and my pulpit, and my pulpit is on my Lake Fount (Al-Kauthar).
- The Prophet (ﷺ)
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